Planning Appeals


If your planning application has been refused, you have six months to lodge a planning appeal in order to get your planning permission. You can use our initial free advice to get expert advice from one of our planning consultants on whether a Planning Appeal is appropriate for your case and what your chances are. With a success rate of 90%, we can tell you quickly whether you will be successful or whether another approach, such as an altered planning application, would be the best way to go.

In England and Wales, Appeals are being made to the Planning Inspectorate; a semi-independent Government body. They employ Planning Inspectors, who review the evidence and determine whether your Planning Appeal merits passing. Inspectors review and determine planning applications with a fair, unbiased, and considered approach aiming to allow development where possible. Our high success rate is based on our knowledge of the planning system, planning law, and the local council’s ability to defend their decision. Our team is highly skilled and passionate about winning and we are very confident to offer NO WIN NO FEE appeals. Please call us now for FREE ADVISE.

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